Change of Name

A student's name of record is the name under which the student was admitted to Connecticut College and is assumed to be legal, official and accurate. Students may submit a preferred name, which will be displayed to the College community. For more information, please see the College's preferred name information and frequently asked questions (FAQ). Students can submit their preferred name using the Personal Information Form on CamelWeb.

In order to protect students against identify theft, legal name changes will only be recorded if there is evidence of a legal name change. Please provide the legal name change document (typically a court order) to the Office of the Registrar when requesting a name change. Student employees must also submit an updated I-9 form to the financial aid office. Please note that U.S. residents must change their names with the Social Security Administration as well.

Alumni should contact the Office of Alumni Relations for name changes.

Change of Address/Phone Number

Changes to addresses and phone numbers must be provided by the student. Students may:

  • update U.S. mailing address, home phone number, cell phone number and parent/guardian address using the Personal Information Form on CamelWeb.
  • request a change to billing address by emailing
  • update emergency contact information using the My Connect-Ed Info form

The Personal Information Form is in CamelWeb.  After logging into CamelWeb, hover your mouse over your name in the header.  The form is the first item in the menu.

Replacement Diploma

If you have graduated from the College and have subsequently changed your name legally, you may request a replacement diploma. You must submit a notarized application form, photocopies of two forms of identification, a copy of the legal name change document and the fee for the replacement diploma. Upon receipt of these documents, a replacement diploma will be issued and your student record will be updated.