Consider these undergraduate and graduate opportunities

With a Connecticut College education and your own personal skills and accomplishments, you will be in a prime position to compete for scholarships and fellowships. Opportunities exist for both current students and alumni. The College is here to help.

Explore undergraduate scholarships

For information on undergraduate grants and scholarships for prospective and current students, please visit the College’s financial aid "Outside Scholarships" section.

Accept the challenge! Post-graduate fellowships and scholarships

Post-graduate fellowships and scholarships can provide life-changing opportunities for Connecticut College students and alumni. Some provide generous financial support for study and research. The College has bolstered support for students and alumni seeking high-profile national fellowships and scholarships.

Fellowship and Graduate School Advising

Deborah V. Dreher

Associate Dean for Fellowships and Scholarships

Deborah received her undergraduate degree in religious studies from Connecticut College in 1989. After completing a Fulbright fellowship in Germany, she received a master's degree in theological studies from Harvard Divinity School. Deborah is the founder of the College’s CELS and funded internship programs and designed and developed the CELS e-portfolio. In addition to her work as a career adviser and program director, she has taught in the Connecticut College department of religious studies and served as academic adviser to first-year students. She currently serves as the College’s graduate school adviser and as dean for fellowships and scholarships. Deborah’s favorite part of her work is helping her advisees look beyond the obvious — and easy — life path, to find the courage to step out onto the uncertain path of their full potential.

"Those who wish to sing can always find a song." — Swedish Proverb