The Internet and email

There is Internet (and thus, email) access at Shain Library and computer labs. If you have your own computer, you will also have wireless access and be able to get online from your room.

Postal services

There is a post office on campus at the college center. It is open during office hours and offers a variety of services. Your post office box is located within the Post Office, and you will have that box for your entire four years at Connecticut College.

Phone cards

Depending on where you need to call, many international numbers are much cheaper to reach using prepaid phone cards. Phone cards can be purchased at the College Bookshop on campus or at gas stations nearby.

Skype is one of the best alternatives you might want to look into. Some good places to get phone cards are the gas station in Hodges Square. Consider connection fees, your calling needs and the duration of your average call when choosing a phone card. You can also buy cards online at sites like, and, but remember that many of your fellow international student friends may have specific cards or web sites to recommend for calling your home region at great rates. Local calls with the area code 860 are free from your room phones.