International students

Congratulations on your acceptance!

Our academic program has a strong international focus. You can make an important contribution to our campus community by sharing your diverse perspectives and cultural experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Currently 72 countries are represented among our student body.

Forms and mailings

You can expect the Office of Admission to mail you an Enrollment Guide, I-20 and instructions for the F-1 visa.

Over the Hump, the student survival guide

When you arrive on campus, you will receive a copy of the Connecticut College student survival guide, "Over the Hump," designed to introduce you to life at Connecticut College. 

Orientation for international students

As an international student, you and your parents are invited, and encouraged, to arrive early and attend a special two-day program called Odyssey, on the Thursday before Arrival Day in August. Odyssey provides additional background on the curriculum, grading system and student life at Connecticut College.

In the meantime, you may also wish to read the Handbook for International Students, written by Connecticut College international students themselves, for great advice on living and learning at the College.

International student adviser

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the international student adviser, Carmela Patton, who is also an instructor of Italian. She can advise you on your student visa, transportation, finance, employment, health care, housing, and other situations unique to international students. She serves as the faculty adviser to ATLAS, the international students' club and new student orientation programs. Contact her at or her assistants at +1-860-439-2050 or 1-860-439-2053.

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