This is fun – watch it

Student Life’s annual “lip-dub” video is an exuberant welcome to campus


Every year since 2011 the offices of Student Life have produced what they call a “lip-dub campus tour” video to welcome first-year students to campus.

Check out this year’s riotously happy production featuring almost 200 student leaders and staff walking, skipping, dancing and skate-boarding through campus.


Scott McEver, director of student engagement & leadership education, shoots the video walking backward along a predetermined route while costumed cast members pass in and out of frame. As they pass, they mouth the lyrics to an upbeat pop song, which is being played over a boom box. The song’s original recording replaces the filmed sound in the finished video.

Meandering, lip-synced videos of this type are nothing new. Many high schools and colleges have made them in the past, he says. Student Life decided to create its first mostly as a way to show newcomers the Student Life offices and introduce them to the students and staff who work there on their behalf.  The last two years the production has served as a more general welcome to campus, he says.

Each video begins in or around the College Center at Crozier-Williams (Cro) and winds through various locations. This year’s included the Women’s Center, Unity House, the Coffee Grounds Café and the LGBTQ Resource Center. The final shot always shows the student leaders going into Palmer Auditorium. That’s because the video is shown in Palmer to first-year students on their first night on campus during Orientation. As the video comes to an end, the costumed student leaders, who have been seated in the auditorium’s balcony, come running down the aisles, creating the illusion that the video has come to life.  

McEver explains that the video is created with minimal prep time. Two takes are shot on the Wednesday before Orientation and the best one is chosen. A CD is burned on Thursday (no editing is done), and it’s shown to the new students on Friday night.