Camel Alumni Admission Program

Alumni from all over the world extend the College's outreach to prospective students.

They conduct admission interviews, represent the College at college fairs, and welcome admitted students at receptions in their home area.

Alumni play a crucial role in shaping future classes, often providing a student's first and most persuasive contact. The experiences and stories of Connecticut College graduates enable prospective students and their families to hear first-hand about the social, academic, and residential opportunities at the College and often personalize the admission process.

Alumni reps initiate a friendly and free-ranging conversation that helps alumni and admission staff see if a prospective student has the intellectual curiosity, depth, an open mind, and a desire to engage both in class and on campus.

Demand for interviews changes each year. Some alumni are contacted several times, while some may not receive an interview request each year. Either way, alumni only pledge to volunteer as much time as they feel they can. We enroll our volunteers each August to help work with the following year's freshman class.

Get more details about this year's CAAP program on the Admission website. To apply, go to