Alumni Admission Program Form

Thank you for participating in the Camel Alumni Admission Program (CAAP).

Use this form only if you are a new CAAP Volunteer. If you would like to update or make changes to your existing volunteer status, please contact Laurie at or call the office at 860-439-2200.

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EVALUATIVE INTERVIEWS: Alumni interviews provide an additional means for the admission staff to explore the intangible qualities of prospective candidates, such as their personality, scholarship, intellectual integrity, commitment, and curiosity. As a CAAP Interviewer, you will be responsible for contacting students assigned to you, scheduling an appointment to meet with them to discuss their interests, and then completing a short written evaluation of the student. Interviewing is a crucial CAAP responsibility that must be done in a timely fashion in order to meet application review deadlines. The alumni interviewing season runs from September through early January.
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COLLEGE FAIR REPRESENTATIVE: You will attend college fairs held by your local high schools or area programs. At the fair you will be responsible for answering questions and providing prospective students with general information about Connecticut College. Prior to the fair we will ship to you the necessary supplies, including information on frequently asked questions.

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CAAP CONTACT: As an email/postcard/telephone contact, you will be asked to write or phone students at various points during the admission cycle. As a CAAP contact, you are providing a personal touch to the Connecticut College application process.
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RECEPTION HOST: Hosting an admitted student reception is a great way to encourage students from your area to attend Connecticut College. Receptions are an opportunity for students and their families to ask questions and to meet other interested students. The admitted student receptions take place in early April. The Office of Admission will mail invitations based on how many guests you can host.

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If you know of alumni who may be interested in CAAP, please forward this link or provide their contact information below:

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