- Structure and Mechanistic Studies on Firefly Luciferase (with Andrew Gulick, Hauptman-Woodward Institute)

Pictured above, two conformations of P. pyralis luciferase provided by Andrew Gulick. At left, Luciferase-DLSA in Adenylation Conformation and at right, BMOE Cross-Linked Luciferase-DLSA in Oxidation Conf 2

- Development of Chimeric Luciferases with Enhanced Activity and Stability

- Biochemical Basis for the Enhanced Properties of Chimeric Luciferases

- Directed Evolution Studies to Produce Optimized Luciferase-Substrate Analog Systems

- Development of nearIR emitting Nanomaterials (with Mat Maye, Syracuse University)

- Biochemical Characterization of Chaetopterus Bioluminescence (with Dimitri Deheyn, Scripps Oceanographic Institution)

The above images of Chaetopterus Variopeditus were provided by Dmitri Deheyn.

- Bioanalytical Applications of Luciferase Variants (with Aldo Roda, University of Bologna)

- Development of Luciferase “Turn On” Biosensors for Biothiols