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Colleges should do more to prevent alcohol abuse

President Leo I. Higdon Jr. talks with students at Connecticut College's Founders Day celebration April 5. 
May 24, 2011

Connecticut College President Leo I. Higdon Jr. today published an opinion piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the need for colleges and universities to do more to prevent alcohol abuse on campus.

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"It's an issue that affects all of us-administrators, faculty, staff and, most importantly, students," Higdon writes. "We need to invest resources and adopt strategies to limit drinking."

Higdon describes some of the things he is doing to limit alcohol consumption on campus, including implementing education and prevention programs, meeting with student leaders, touring the campus late at night with the president of the Student Government Association and meeting with students whose alcohol consumption has elevated to levels requiring medical attention.

"I want these students to know that I care about them, that people on campus are paying close attention to their behavior, and that we will not hesitate to intervene," he writes.

Higdon also urges other college leaders to keep the issue at the forefront of their priorities.

"College leaders need to do more, and we need to involve a broad range of stakeholders in our efforts," he writes. "On our campuses, students are receiving world-class educations to prepare them for the best possible futures. We shouldn't let alcohol get in the way of that."







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