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Employee Handbook
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Welcome to the Connecticut College Community!
College Policies
Employment Information
Leave Benefits
Salary and Wage Policy
College Resources and Facilities
Leaving Connecticut College
Glossary of Terms
Hourly Administrative Addendum
Salaried Administrative Addendum
Campus Safety Addendum
Dining Services Addendum
Physical Plant Addendum
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Leave Benefits
 You are expected to be ready for work at the scheduled time and continue working until the scheduled hours are completed.
 If it is necessary for you to be absent, you are required to personally notify your supervisor or department head within a reasonable time prior to your scheduled work time. You must indicate how long the absence is expected to be and for what reason. You must call again, personally, if it becomes apparent that you will be unable to return to work at the time indicated earlier.
 Excessive absences will be considered cause for disciplinary action by the College, up to and including dismissal. Sick time will be charged for absences if sick hours are available. If sick hours are exhausted, vacation hours will be charged. If vacation hours are exhausted the absence will be unpaid. If absences are related to a serious illiness, the serious illness of an immediate family member, birth or adoption, or a family member on active military duty see the College Family Medical Leave Policy.
 If you are away from work for three consecutive work days without notifying your supervisor, it will be assumed that you have terminated your employment without notice.
 Vacation for a 12 month/52 week employee in a benefits eligible position is earned and expenditures are calculated with each pay at a rate shown on the schedule in the addendum. Accruals occur only when you receive 100% pay.
 Academic year (less than 12 months or 52 weeks) employees who work in a benefits eligible position earn 2 weeks of Paid Time Off annually. Each week of Paid Time Off is equivalent to the hours in a regularly scheduled week and must be taken during academic breaks.
 It is important that your department is appropriately staffed at all times. Vacation time taken must be recorded and kept on file in the department. You must submit your vacation request as far in advance as possible and for no less than a half-day period. Scheduling of vacation is subject to the department head's approval.
 When a holiday is observed by the College on a normal working day during your vacation period, the time will be charged to the holiday. If you should become ill during a scheduled vacation period or the College closes for any reason, the paid time off will be charged to vacation.
 If you leave the College, the available vacation balance will be paid out. Academic year staff do not have a vacation balance because the two weeks of Paid Time Off is confined to college break periods and must be used within the current academic year
 If you are in a benefits eligible position, you will accrue time equal to ten days of paid sick leave annually. If you work less full time; sick time is prorated according to number of hours worked. Upon accrual, time is available as needed. Overtime is not included when computing sick time earned or eligibility for sick time. Sick leave continues to accrue during any absence when you are receiving full pay from the College. Employees may accumulate unused sick time up to a maximum of 120 days. Unused sick time will not be compensated upon termination of employment.
 Sick leave benefits are intended to cover absences of employees brought about by personal illness or illness of an immediate family member as defined in the Family Medical Leave Act. If you are out for three days or more, the College reserves the right to require evidence of illness by competent medical authority for sick days claimed.
 When a holiday is observed by the College during an approved sick leave, it will be charged to the holiday.
 A listing of specific holidays observed in your area is in the addendum, including eligibility for pay.
 To provide support to you during a difficult time, if you are in a benefits eligible position, the College will provide limited paid leave of absence. You must notify your supervisor immediately to discuss the necessary details. You are eligible for up to three days of paid leave to allow time to make arrangements, travel when required and/or to attend services in the event of the death of an immediate family member.
 The immediate family is defined as: parent, step-parent, adoptive parent, grandparent, child, step-child, grandchild, spouse, brother, sister, mother-in-law or father-in-law. You may take one day paid leave of absence in the event of the death of your brother-in-law, sister-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law or grandparent-in-law.
 If additional leave is required for long distance travel accrued vacation time can be requested for this purpose. The request must be made through your supervisor.
 Leaves of Absence
 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
 To be eligible for CT FML, an Employee must have completed one year of service and have worked at least 1,000 hours (excluding time off) during the preceding 12 month period of the requested leave date. To be eligible for federal FML, an employee must have completed 1 year of service and have worked (excluding time off) at least 1250 hours during the 12 month period preceding the requested leave date. Employees (except for those employees designated as "highly compensated") will be eligible to return to the same position or when possible, to a position of equivalent pay, benefits and seniority upon their return from an approved leave.
 Family or medical leave will include paid and unpaid leave for any of the reasons listed below. The employee must use all accrued paid vacation and sick leave. The remainder of the leave period will be unpaid. If leave is requested for an employee's own serious health condition, see "Short-Term Disability Leave of Absence with Pay".
 All employees who meet the above requirements may be granted family or medical leave for a period of 16 weeks during any 24 month period (State Law) or 12 weeks in a 12 month period (Federal Law) for the following reasons:
  • birth of the employee's child and subsequent care for the child;
  • placement of a child with the employee for adoption or foster care;
  • care of a spouse, child or parent who has a serious personal health condition; or
  • a serious health condition that prevents the employee from performing essential functions of the job.
FMLA also provides for leave to employees with spouses, children or parents who are serving on (or have been called up for) active duty in the military - length of allowable leave is determined by the reason for the leave; please contact the Benefits Manager.
 Example: The federal/state law offering the best advantage to the employee takes precedent. Connecticut state law provides 16 weeks of leave entitlement during a two year period so that is available first. If needed, the federal law would be available offering 12 weeks the second year under the FMLA. An employee would not be entitled to 28 weeks in one year. Any consecutive period of 15 working days or longer or the equivalent in intermittent leave, including short-term disability leave or workers compensation-related leave, will be charged against the Family and Medical Leave time allowance.
 The right to leave for the birth or placement of a child for adoption or foster care will expire twelve (12) months from the date of birth or placement.
 A husband and wife both working for the College who are eligible for FMLA leave are permitted to take only a combined total of 16 weeks in any 24 month period (State) or 12 weeks in any 12 month period (Federal) if the leave is for the birth, adoption, or placement for foster care of a child, or to care for a parent with a serious health condition.
 In all cases, an employee requesting leave must submit a completed Application for Family and Medical Leave Form, including supervisor's signature, and return it to the Office of Human Resources Except in the case of an emergency, an employee must submit a completed application for leave at least two weeks (ten working days) before the leave is to begin. An application for leave based on the serious health condition of the employee, employee's spouse, child, or parent, must be accompanied by a Medical Certification Statement completed by a health care provider, stating a diagnosis, prognosis, reason employee cannot perform the function of his/her job and any appropriate medical facts regarding the condition for which the leave is requested. A medical certification may be required to support the employee's fitness to return to work from medical leave.
 During a period of unpaid family or medical leave, an employee will retain all benefit plans under the same conditions that applied before leave commenced. An employee must continue to make any contribution that s/he made before taking leave. In the event that an employee does not return to work, the employee is responsible for paying any premium costs incurred by the College during the unpaid leave. Life insurance remains in effect for the duration of the leave.
 Sick and vacation time will not accrue, flexible spending account reimbursement payroll deductions will cease, and no contributions will be made to TIAA-CREF while an employee is on unpaid leave of absence.
 Short-Term Disability Leave of Absence with Pay
 If you are in a benefits eligible position, when you become medically disabled as a result of a non-occupational serious illness or injury, or are pregnant, you may request a leave of absence for a period not to exceed six months under the Short-term Disability leave policy.
 To be eligible for this leave, you must submit the request in writing to the Director of Human Resources for approval at least two weeks in advance of the anticipated leave. In an emergency situation you are required to notify your supervisor as soon as possible.
 Serious illness is defined as a disabling physical or mental illness, injury, or condition which involves either inpatient care in a hospital, nursing home or hospice, or outpatient care requiring continuing treatment or supervision by a health care provider. A physician's written verification of the disability is required.
 If you are out on short-term disability leave, you are required to use any accrued sick and vacation leave prior to becoming eligible to receive disability pay. There is a 15 work day waiting period before short-term disability pay begins. If you do not have accrued sick and vacation leave available, the first fifteen days of each disability leave will be unpaid, then paid retroactive at 60% to the first day of the disability. The College will pay 60% of your regular gross pay for the duration of the disability, but not to exceed a period of six months.
 Insurance and TIAA-CREF benefits will continue. Sick and vacation time cease to accrue during a time when 60% short-term disability pay is applicable.
 NOTE: Employees are not eligible for Short Term Disability benefits for unscheduled work time, for example: Academic year employees with unpaid summer break would not receive payment for this time. If the employee is still disabled when normally scheduled to return to work, the 60% payment of wages would resume until the employee returns to work or exceeds the maximum allowable benefit and proper documentation is provided to support the disability.
 Long-Term Disability
 If you are in a benefits eligible position, disabilities lasting longer than six months are covered under the College's Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Policy. If an employee and his/her physician conclude that a disability will continue past this six month period, the employee must contact the Human Resources Office to obtain the proper LTD paperwork for applying for this coverage. Upon receiving LTD benefits, the employee will be removed from the College's payroll. Enrollment may continue in the College medical program for one year by paying the employee's share of the appropriate insurance premiums on a monthly basis. The College's TIAA-CREF contributions to your retirement annuity will continue and life insurance premiums will be waived during the LTD leave.
 Leave of Absence Without Pay
 If you are a benefits eligible full-time or regularly scheduled part-time employee with one continuous year of service, you may request a leave of absence without pay for unusual conditions or personal circumstances other than those listed under the leave of absence for family and medical reasons or disability leave of absence. Such requests are treated on an individual basis depending on the purpose and length of the leave, the nature of service of the requester, and the needs of the department/college at the time of the request. The Assistant of Human Resources and your supervisor will review each case individually on its merit and will approve or disapprove the leave. Because of the disruptive impact on departmental operations, unpaid personal leaves can be granted only for compelling reasons. You must use all accrued vacation days. The remainder of the leave period will be unpaid. You may continue group insurance coverage while on leave by pre-paying your share of the premium for the period of the unpaid leave. Sick and vacation time cease to accrue during the leave of absence.
 Jury Duty
 The College encourages you to accept civic responsibility. If you are regularly scheduled to work a minimum of 30 hours per week, the College will pay the difference between the fee paid, exclusive of travel allowance, for jury service and your normal pay for the regularly scheduled time that is lost. Your supervisor and Payroll must be notified immediately upon receipt of a summons to jury duty. Those employees working the second shift are expected to report to work as scheduled unless they spend the entire day (7-8 hours) serving jury duty. Those employees working the third shift shall make arrangements with their supervisor regarding scheduling to accommodate their jury duty schedule.
 Military Duty
 An annual leave of absence, not exceeding two (2) weeks, will be granted if you are a member of the National Guard or reserve component of the Armed Forces and are ordered to temporary active duty by proper military authority. If you are so ordered and have completed any required adjustment period, the College will pay the difference between the amount you receive in military pay and your normal wages, taking into account applicable tax laws and other military benefits. You will continue to be eligible for all applicable benefits during the leave.
 During periods of national emergencies, the period of leave may be extended at the discretion of the President of the College.
 The College will comply with the provisions of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) regarding all military duty.