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Employee Handbook
Table of Contents
Welcome to the Connecticut College Community!
College Policies
Employment Information
Leave Benefits
Salary and Wage Policy
College Resources and Facilities
Leaving Connecticut College
Glossary of Terms
Hourly Administrative Addendum
Salaried Administrative Addendum
Campus Safety Addendum
Dining Services Addendum
Physical Plant Addendum
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Salary and Wage Policy
 Immigration Reform and Control Act
 The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires that all new employees complete and sign a verification form (I-9) designated by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to certify that they are eligible for employment in the United States. I-9 forms are available in the Office of Human Resources. This form must be completed and returned to Human Resources before employment of an applicant can be approved, processed and a paycheck can be issued.
 Social Security/ Connecticut State/Federal Tax Withholding
 Social security, Connecticut state tax, and federal withholding tax are legally required deductions which are automatically taken from your paycheck. Both the College and you contribute the percentage of your gross wages required by law. Your contribution is made through payroll deduction. You will receive a statement (W-2 form) of earnings and taxes withheld no later than January 31 for the previous year. Statements for terminated employees will be mailed to the last known address. Should you leave your employment with Connecticut College, it is important to keep the Office of Human Resources informed of your current address.
 Job Classifications and Descriptions
 Positions are classified by job functions. Position evaluations are completed by the Office of Human Resources at the request of the department head to assure that grade assignments fairly reflect job content. Changes in classifications are considered in cases involving a major change in job responsibilities, such as departmental consolidations, at the request of the department head and in conjunction with the budget process. Each unique position will be scheduled for re-evaluation periodically.
 Address any questions regarding your job title or job description to either your supervisor or the Office of Human Resources.
 Hours of Work
 The regular work week for full-time hourly employees is 40 hours. On occasion, you may be required to adjust your hours according to the needs of the College. You will be eligible for two days off each work week, scheduled consecutively when possible. Your supervisor will advise you of any change in your work schedule.
 The regular work week for salaried administrative employees is 37.5 hours, 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. The President may reduce working hours when the students are off campus. Use of this discretionary time is subject to the approval of the department head.
 Pay Period
 The work week begins on Monday. Hourly employees are paid weekly for work performed in the period ending the preceding Sunday. Payday is every Thursday. You are required to work a week in advance of payment. The pay rate for the shift presently assigned will be the rate of pay paid for vacation, holiday, and sick leave.
 Full-year salaried staff are paid in twelve equal monthly installments. Academic year salaried staff are paid in appropriate equal monthly installments. Payday is on the 15th of the month.
 If payday falls on a College-recognized holiday or a weekend, every effort will be made to pay you on the last working day preceding the normal payday.
 Time Reports
 Hours are reported weekly within your department for hourly service employees. Hourly office staff will submit their timesheets to Payroll each Monday once approved by your supervisor. Salaried employees report on an exception basis time taken off monthly on a Departmental Monthly Time Report and submit the report to Payroll monthly.
 Payroll Deduction Codes
 A listing of updated payroll deduction codes is furnished to all new employees. The Accounting Department will publish changes and updates in the faculty/staff newsletter.
 Direct Deposit
 All new employees are required to have their paycheck deposited directly to any accredited bank. Human Resources provides the form at the time of hire. To obtain forms to make changes or request direct deposit go to CamelWeb or contact the Accounting Office.
 If you are an hourly or non-exempt employee, you may be called upon to perform overtime services. Overtime must be pre-authorized by your supervisor. For the purpose of calculating overtime premium pay, time worked is defined as time actually worked for the College or earned paid time off. A leave-of-absence is not considered time worked for the purpose of calculating overtime pay.
 In lieu of overtime pay or for required weekend or holiday work a supervisor may opt to make a schedule adjument within the same pay period.
 Emergency Closing
 Connecticut College is a residential college requiring many services, some on a 24 hour basis. It is essential that employees make every reasonable effort to report for work as scheduled.
 In cases of an emergency situation, the President or designated person may announce a closing of non-essential College operations. All affected employees will be paid for the day, or in case of a late opening or early closing, if you are in attendance you will be paid for the remainder of your normal hours of work. Note: If emergency closing occurs during a scheduled vacation or sick day, the time is charged to vacation or sick.
 If you are designated as essential personnel when the College is closed, you are to report to work as scheduled or your supervisor may require you to stay. You will receive an additional 1 1/2 times your normal rate of pay for time worked while the College is officially closed.
  Essential personnel are defined as:
Campus Safety All must report as scheduled
Dining Service All must report as scheduled
Physical PlantGroundsAll must report as scheduled
Power PlantAll must report as scheduled
TradesDesignated staff only
CustodialDesignated staff only
 In the event that non-exempt staff must be absent due to emergency conditions when the College is not closed, vacation pay may be substituted for this lost time when it is available, or the day will be taken without pay.
 Employees should call their voice mail or 860-439-5000 for instructions regarding the status of the College in emergency situations.
 On-Call Employees
 On-call employees work on an as-needed basis, and are paid only for hours worked. On-call employees will be paid straight time except when in excess of 40 hours per week or they are designated as essential personnel. They are not eligible for paid time off or benefits. Paychecks are mailed to the home of on-call employees.
 Temporary Employees
 Temporary employees work a fixed schedule for a specified period of time. Temporary employees will be paid straight time except when in excess of 40 hours per week or when they are designated as essential personnel. They are not eligible for paid time off or benefits. Paychecks may be distributed within the department.