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 Environmental Concerns and Sustainability Issues
 In 1997, Connecticut College became a signatory of the Talloires Declaration, a pledge taken by university leaders from around the world to put their resources towards creating "an equitable and sustainable future for all humankind in harmony with nature." Sustainability has been defined as human activities that do not deplete or degrade natural resources upon which present and future populations depend.
 Connecticut College recognizes that restoring balance between human health, economic viability and ecosystem well-being is the means of achieving greater stability of social and natural systems. To this end, all departments and all individuals within the college are asked to incorporate ideals of sustainability into everyday choices, including purchasing, transportation, energy and water usage and disposal of waste.
 The College acknowledges its responsibility to teach environmental stewardship, not just in the classroom, but in all campus operations as well. By striving to make operations more efficient and environmentally-sound, Connecticut College can serve as an environmental model while also saving money and resources.
 All members of the college are enlisted to do their part by REDUCING consumption, REUSING whenever possible and lastly, disposing of waste by RECYCLING designated materials and putting hazardous material in its place.
 Questions and concerns regarding sustainability issues may be directed to the Campus Environmental Coordinator. For regulatory and hazardous waste issues, contact the Director of Environmental Health & Safety.