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 Educational Benefit
 Current Educational Benefits Policy
 Effective the semester following the completion of seven years of continuous service at the College at a minimum schedule of 1000 hours per year, you will become eligible for the education benefit. Your college-age dependent child may receive a tuition benefit up to an amount equal to 25% of tuition costs to attend Connecticut College or any other degree-granting, accredited institution. The maximum tuition benefit equals 25% of Connecticut College's tuition costs. Employees meeting the seven-year requirement and who work at least 1500 hours per year are eligible for the full 25% tuition benefit; those working less than 1500 hours per year but at least 1000 hours per year are eligible for a prorated benefit.
 The dependent student must be enrolled in a full-time, degree-granting program. In order for an institution to be considered degree-granting, the course of study must lead to at least an associate degree. Certificate and diploma granting programs do not meet the eligibility criteria for this tuition benefit. This tuition benefit will be granted for not more than the equivalent of four years of full-time study occurring within a five-year period.