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Employee Handbook
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 Emergency Closing
 Connecticut College is a residential college requiring many services, some on a 24 hour basis. It is essential that employees make every reasonable effort to report for work as scheduled.
 In cases of an emergency situation, the President or designated person may announce a closing of non-essential College operations. All affected employees will be paid for the day, or in case of a late opening or early closing, if you are in attendance you will be paid for the remainder of your normal hours of work. Note: If emergency closing occurs during a scheduled vacation or sick day, the time is charged to vacation or sick.
 If you are designated as essential personnel when the College is closed, you are to report to work as scheduled or your supervisor may require you to stay. You will receive an additional 1 1/2 times your normal rate of pay for time worked while the College is officially closed.
  Essential personnel are defined as:
Campus Safety All must report as scheduled
Dining Service All must report as scheduled
Physical PlantGroundsAll must report as scheduled
Power PlantAll must report as scheduled
TradesDesignated staff only
CustodialDesignated staff only
 In the event that non-exempt staff must be absent due to emergency conditions when the College is not closed, vacation pay may be substituted for this lost time when it is available, or the day will be taken without pay.
 Employees should call their voice mail or 860-439-5000 for instructions regarding the status of the College in emergency situations.