To prepare students to be globally engaged citizens, the College implemented comprehensive programs during the Campaign to infuse a cross-cultural perspective into the curriculum, programs and campus culture.

Today the College is more globally focused than ever, and students are exposed daily to a world of immense variety, making them more globally aware and engaged citizens. We have infused an international perspective into virtually every discipline, major and program; enhanced language study and programming, including the unique Foreign Language Fellows program through which advanced language students organize and plan activities in 10 languages; created new language classes; and expanded opportunities for students to study and research abroad (more than half of our students study abroad in more than 40 countries). 


SATA Vietnam

Study abroad opportunities were significantly expanded during the Campaign, including programs like Study Away, Teach Away (SATA), Traveling Research and Immersion Program (TRIP), international internships, and travel fellowships.

In the past decade, more than 100 Connecticut College students and faculty have traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam, as part of the SATA program. Under the leadership of Professors William Frasure, Don Peppard and Rolf Jensen, students are immersed in Vietnamese culture, studying and researching economics and politics through the prism of the Communist nation.

Students spend 10 hours a week practicing the language with native speakers along the streets of Hanoi and conducting interviews with local vendors. Throughout the semester, they also participate in day trips around the country, visiting scenic and historic sites and small craft villages where locals manufacture anything from hats to bricks to gold leaf.

Residents of these communities have become the subject of a series of three documentaries by Jensen on the open-air markets of Hanoi, where rural women flock for weeks at a time to sell their wares. Students work closely with Vietnamese students who translate conversations in the marketplace. The project has been instrumental in educating people about the important role these communities play in the economy of a developing country. As a result, Connecticut College students will be partnering with the Vietnamese Women’s Museum in Hanoi next year to develop an exhibit that features these women.