To support a vibrant intellectual community, an ambitious and multifaceted residential life program was developed to strengthen the connections between academic and student life and foster greater faculty interaction with students where they live and study.

Newly enhanced residence halls, common rooms and gathering spaces across campus have encouraged greater collaboration, and programs like the Residential Education Fellows have brought our faculty into the residences to host informal talks and a wide variety of social and educational programs. The Charles E. Shain Library, a major hub of activity on campus and future home to the new Academic Resource Center, will undergo a significant renovation over the new two years to meet the evolving needs of our students.




Residential Education


Here's what one student said about her experience with the Academic Resource Center:

Academic Resource Center

Hilary Noble


Major: Biology
Chicago, Ill.
Dealing with a rigorous curriculum, Noble took full advantage of the Academic Resource Center in its first semester. She utilized peer-tutoring sessions for her science classes while honing her study skills with center director Noel Garrett. The result — steady improvement in her grades.

But Noble also realized another important benefit to the center. Students from each of the College’s five interdisciplinary centers were collaborating and helping each other excel academically. “We’re taking full advantage of the great staff, resources and tools available to us. It’s made such a big difference on campus already.”

In addition to her continued use of the center for academic purposes, Noble said she is already returning the favor to her fellow students. In September she took on a role at the Academic Resource Center, where she will be providing other students with academic support.