Ramzi Kaiss '17

President, SGA

As President of the Student Government Association, Ramzi is responsible for maintaining and overseeing the functions of the assembly and the Executive Board and Chairs Council.

Ramzi is a senior philosophy and international relations double major. In 2016, he received a research grant from Connecticut College and spent his summer doing research on Syrian-refugee identity and the role of identity in processes of truth and reconciliations.

Ramzi is the co-president of the Amnesty International club. He also really enjoys acting, and has been involved with several plays on campus.

Virginia Gresham '17

Vice President

As the Vice President of SGA, Virginia oversees all clubs and organizations on campus as well as the resolution writing process. Resolutions are a way that the student body can endorse a project or express a sentiment to the rest of the college community.

As a current president and co-founder of the Women in Technology (WIT) club, she hopes to figure out how to streamline the club creation process and offer more support to clubs and organizations.

Virginia is a computer science major and scholar in the Ammerman Center for Arts & Technology. She loves food and sailing.

Gabe Arnold '17

Presidential Associate

As the Presidential Associate, Gabe’s job is to take the minutes during the general assembly meetings and prepare the agenda for the meetings.

Gabe is from Concord, Massachusetts where he thoroughly enjoys spending time outside. He is an avid hiker, runner and biker. As as a government major who is also on the Tedx Executive Board, Gabe can’t wait to see what the year brings.

Elissa Webb '17

Chief of Finance

As Chief of Finance, Elissa keeps records of the SGA’s finances and oversees the Finance Committee, which allocates funding to all clubs on campus. She is a senior computer science major from Menlo Park, California. 

Elissa is currently a board member of ASIA (Asian Students in Action) and Wig & Candle, and formerly of SAC, Eclipse, CC Dems, and Launch. She's passionate about theater design, diversity education, and cats.


Jeff Celniker '17

Chair of Student Activities Council (SAC)

As Chair of Student Activities Council, Jeff is responsible for producing the social events for the student body. His goal is to enhance and diversify the student experience by incorporating more student input. Jeff is a huge Backstreet Boys fan and enjoys watching the Food Network.

Paolo Sanchez '18

Chair of Residential Affairs

As Chair of Residential Affairs, Paolo serves as liaison between the student body and the Office of Residential Education and Living, including housefellows and floor governors. Paolo's job is to ensure SGA is passing resolutions that enhance life in the residence halls.

Jamila Ezbidi '19

Chair of Diversity and Equity

As Chair of Equity and Inclusion, Jamila’s role is to advocate for equity, inclusion and diversity-related issues on campus and to ensure SGA’s ongoing involvement in conversations related to such issues. She makes sure that concerns of underrepresented students, staff and faculty are addressed and acted upon.

Jamila is an international relations and architectural studies double major and the president of the International Students Association.

Margie Giacalone

Margie Giacalone '19

Chief of Communications

As Chief of Communications, Margie’s job is to promote transparency and interaction between SGA, staff and faculty, and the students. In order to do that, Margie controls the social media accounts for SGA, sends out campus wide emails, makes On the Can, and runs all student government elections.

She is from Allentown, Pennsylvania, and a proud lover of both Wegmans and Wawa.

This past summer she went to Lake Como, Italy, for her brother’s wedding; George Clooney was invited, but he didn’t come.

Hannah Johnston '18

Chair of Academic Affairs

As Chair of Academic Affairs, Hannah helps facilitate communication between the student body and the faculty and academic administration. She serves on academic committees to help advocate for student opinions in curricular issues, and works with the chair of each Student Advisory Board.

Hannah is an English major with a concentration in creative writing and a psychology minor. She works at The Womxn’s Center, is involved with the Women’s Empowerment Initiative and The College Voice, and is a student adviser. Hannah also volunteers as a counselor and advocate with Safe Futures in New London.

Robert (Rob) Jones '17

Chair of Honor Council

As Chair of Honor Council, it is Rob's responsibility to facilitate education around the Honor Code in addition to ensuring the Council fulfills its obligations to the community. He looks forward to working with community members to ensure an educational outcome for all people involved in the sanctioning process.

Feel free to email him about the Honor Code at honorcouncil@conncoll.edu.

Rob is an alumnus of the US-Uk Fulbright Commission’s Sutton Trust Programme, which aims to get more state (public) school students into United States universities. His passions include dogs, cats, reading and social justice. Rob is an English major with minors in human development and government.


Ariana Pazmino '18

Chair of Sustainability

As the Chair of Sustainability, Ariana helps support and advance student-driven on-campus sustainability initiatives that are socially just, and economically and environmentally viable by utilizing the Sustainable Projects Fund.

Ariana is a behavioral neuroscience major, anthropology minor, an Independent Living Coordinator for 360/Earth House, and works with the New London County Food Policy Council. Ariana is from the Bronx, New York, and enjoys traveling.

Sam Lichtenstein '17


As Parliamentarian, Sam facilitates SGA meetings and tries to make everyone’s voice is heard.

He’s the President of the Connecticut College Men’s Rugby Football Club, and is looking for new recruits!

Sam also works in the Arboretum, serves as the Judicial Process Ombudsman for Honor Council, and recently returned from his CISLA internship in Amman, Jordan.