Dining in Harris

The food court concept in Harris is extremely popular. Here are some pointers to help you navigate through the lines and have a hot meal when you get to your table:

First, stop at checker at the front door with your ID card ready.

Second,  Plates are located on the way to the salad bar and at the various stations. Silverware are located on the way to the dining room. Napkins are on the tables.

Third, so that your food is hot when you sit down, consider going to the salad bar, deli and desserts first. (That is why you see these stations first!) Then you should visit the hot food stations: Pizza, Pasta, Main Street, Grill area and Fast Food.

All stations may not be open all the time. There will be signs and cooks behind the open stations. All food is cooked in small batches and placed on the lines. There may be a wait at times due to the small batches prepared and how popular a station is at a particular meal.

Thirsty? Two beverage stations are in the dining room. Cereals are in the dining room. There are toasters and Panini grills along with  bread in the dining room.

Microwaves are found in the dining rooms if you need to reheat your meal.

If ever, you don't see something, ask one of the dining services aides, a cook or supervisor.

REMEMBER: All food is to be consumed IN the dining room. Only these items allowed out of the dining rooms: ONE bagel, a couple of cookies, a fruit, or an ice cream cone/cup. Just one: NOT ALL of them! You may take a beverage to go in YOUR OWN mug, which is not larger than 20 oz. Silverware, glasses, mugs, plates and trays CANNOT leave the dining room.

No Tupperware or "to go" containers are permitted, other than for a beverage.

Please remember to use TONGS at all stations. Do not use your BARE HANDS. Remember: if you don't, the person behind you gets your germs . . . and did the person ahead of you use tongs? BE CONSIDERATE, BE RESPONSIBLE, BE CONCERNED for your health and those around you.

There are a lot of different items being offered at Harris. It is "all-you-care-to-eat." Take what you can eat, but not more than you can eat, and come back for a CLEAN plate and have more if you want. You don't have to try everything all at one time! We will be here until the last meal is served in MAY! Be Responsible and don't waste food.

Please take your silverware and dishes, drop them at the dishroom window.

There are two ways to exit the dining rooms and that is through either set of front doors. All other doors are emergency exits only.

Have a suggestion or complaint? Please just see any food service worker if you can't find something, or ask for the supervisor, or ask the cooks on the lines. You may communicate with me on "napkin notes" and I will answer them in letter form. The bulletin board is near the beverage machines in the dining room. Please post them there and I will post the letter there.

The management staff at Harris is:

Jina Taylor, Supervisor - Mornings; Mike McGuirk, Supervisor - Afternoons; Chef Dave Perkins, Chef manager,

Christopher Manfredi, Board Plan Manager

Contact information:


Email: dining@conncoll.edu

Dining Services

Connecticut College
270 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320-4196