Live and learn

Nearly all students live on campus, so the educational experience at Connecticut College doesn't stop when class is over. Ours is a lively, close-knit community where faculty and staff know you by name. As a student, you are part of a rich, multidimensional campus culture that includes a wide-ranging menu of lectures, performances, exhibits, workshops, club and leadership opportunities, and conferences and special events. Each of these elements complements the academic rigor inside the classroom to create an integrated experience that prepares you for life and career (with plenty of fun along the way). Here, you have the support you need  from faculty, staff and fellow students  to lead others, try new things, take risks and achieve your personal best.

99% of students live on campus
80+ student-led clubs and organizations
70% participate in community learning and volunteering


Honor Code and shared governance

At Connecticut College, students, faculty, staff and administrators are committed to a system of governance in which the perspectives of all groups are considered in the institution’s decision-making processes. In practice, “shared governance” means that students like you have the opportunity to serve on major committees on campus, including those that help determine the College’s budget priorities, consider educational changes and manage sustainability.

This system of mutual respect and collaboration goes hand-in-hand with the College’s nearly 100-year-old Honor Code. Created by students in 1922, the Honor Code creates a spirit of openness and trust on campus. When you matriculate, you pledge to conduct yourself with integrity, civility, and the utmost respect for the dignity of all human beings. Because the Honor Code is taken very seriously by students, the Honor Code sets the tone for campus life and acts as a philosophy to live by through demonstrating a commitment to personal participation in improving the quality of life in our community.