Roommate Rights & Responsibilities

As a member of our residential community, you possess certain individual rights and responsibilities which must be held in high regard. This document outlines the minimal requirements of your community and we encourage you to become familiar with them.

As a valued member of this residential community, you have the right to:

  • Read and study free from undue interference, unreasonable noise, and other distractions inhibiting the exercise of this right.
  • Sleep without undue disturbance from noise and other distractions.
  • Expect that others will respect your personal belongings.
  • A clean environment in which to live.
  • Free access to your room at all times.
  • Personal privacy within the limits of the residential setting.
  • Refuse guests in your room.
  • Be free from fear of intimidation and physical or emotional harm.
  • Discuss with your peer adviser, the housefellow, or the Office of Student Life staff, any problems or concerns which may arise.
  • Expect that these rights will be respected.

You also have the responsibility to:

  • Verbally express your views to the person(s) involved, should you feel your rights have been infringed upon.
  • Treat your roommate(s) and other residents with respect and consideration.
  • Be responsive to all reasonable requests of your roommate(s) and of fellow residents.
  • Accept responsibility for personal and community safety.
  • Discuss your expectations regarding guests.
  • Inform your guests of behavioral standards and expectations of both the college and your roommate(s).
  • Guarantee the rights of your roommate(s) and fellow residents within your control. 
  • Complete in collaboration with your roommate(s) a Roommate Agreement

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