Advice for New Students

Many lifelong relationships begin with roommates.

How to be a great roommate

Rest assured that you'll have at least one thing in common with every other Connecticut College first-year student: You are all worried about what life as a roommate will be like! National statistics indicate that more than 95% of entering first-year college students have never shared a bedroom.

Don't feel compelled to become best friends for life with your roommate(s). You were not placed together on a friendship potential scale! There is nothing wrong with just being good roommates. Some students find they have positive roommate experiences when they get to know other people outside of the room as well.

Life with roommates can provide some of the most rewarding times you'll have at college. Many people develop lifelong relationships that begin with roommates and house mates. With a little effort, you can create a roommate experience that you will remember fondly for years to come.

Submit your housing application.

Before coming to campus

Break the ice! We encourage you to write or call your roommate(s) once you've been informed by the Office of Residential Education and Living who they are.

Once you get to campus

Open communication is essential between roommates, right from the start. Read "Roommate Rights & Responsiblities" first for a great basis from which to build your relationship.

You and your roommate(s) should set some basic guidelines and expectations for life in your room. These can be renegotiated over the course of the year as individual needs change. These agreements help new roommates add some structure to their new living arrangement. It is important to take this process seriously. It can simplify your life later!

Most important: Get to know your Housefellow and Floor Governor!

Housefellows and Floor Governors are trained to help with a wide variety of student issues. They are especially knowledgeable about roommate relationships, so they should be the first person you contact if problems happen to arise. During Orientation, your Housefellow and Floor Governor will meet with you and your roommate(s) to help facilitate a productive discussion on being better roommates. Your peer adviser and student adviser can also be valuable resources in helping you deal with issues.

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