Campus Phone Service

Connecticut College provides phones and/or extensions for faculty, staff. 

The College will provide you as a student a telephone in your room upon request. Basic service includes on-campus and local calls only. You also have your own phone number and voice mail box. Your phone number will change each year as you move rooms.

Cordless phones cannot be used in student rooms. 

For telephone repair and voicemail problems please call x3663 (FONE).

Prepaid telephone calling cards may be used to make long-distance calls from your residence hall phone. Prepaid calling cards can be purchased at the College Bookshop and at many off-campus locations. Of course, you may also use your cell phone or computer telephone services, such as Skype, for long distance calls.

The College does not recommend using collect calling to place long-distance calls. Collect calls are considered “operator assisted” and carry expensive surcharges as well as high per-minute rates. These charges are not readily advertised nor are there any warnings about charges when placing these calls.

Voice Mail Instructions

Single Line Phone Instructions

Multi-Line Phone Instructions