Tips to Avoid Damage Billing

  • Make an appointment with your housefellow to check out of your room. Check-out times and dates will be posted prior to the end of the spring semester. Students are reminded to sign up with their housefellow at least 24 hours in advance to be checked out of their room. We also ask that students remove all of their belongings from their room prior to their check-out time to help facilitate a timely check-out.
    Note: If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment with a housefellow, we recommend you leave your room as completely empty and clean as possible so that when the housefellow does inspect it, you are not billed for any damages.
  • Students are advised to remove fluorescent stars and/or stickers from their ceilings. Please also remove any adhesive tape left behind on doors. Students are additionally reminded to remove ink or marker writing from their doors.
  • Please remove any contact paper you have affixed to College furniture. If it is left behind, you may be charged to have it removed.
  • Please take all cinder blocks home or to the designated area outside of your building. The cost to have them removed from student rooms or the house is $25 per block.
  • Remove all personal furniture and refrigerators. Students will be billed $75 to remove each item of furniture and $50 to remove each refrigerator from rooms or common areas.
  • Residential Education and Living House Staff will provide you with an envelope for your room key during check out periods. Please put your key in the envelope and fill out the label with your name and room number. Give it directly to your house staff or slip it under their door. Missing keys will result in a charge of $25 for a core change and $10 for each key that needs to be replaced.
  • Please vacuum your room and throw away trash to avoid additional cleaning charges.
  • Make sure your common area is clean. Please remove any trash in your kitchen area, lounges, and bathrooms to avoid unnecessary clean up charges during the final weeks of the semester.
  • If you know who is responsible for damages in your area, please make sure they are taking responsibility for it. Doing so will help to reduce the overall area damage cost billed to students.

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