Q: How do I apply to live on campus?

We are a residential college, and 98% of our students reside on campus. All full-time undergraduate students are expected to reside on campus, therefore a housing survey will be sent to you once you are accepted. The housing survey asks about your likes and dislikes, personal habits, study habits, and so on to help us match you with your roommate(s).

Q: How will I get my room assignment?

If you are a student entering in the fall, you will receive your room assignment by email in late July. (Be sure to keep us apprised of your correct email address!)

When you enroll, you'll receive an Enrollment Guide with a link to an online Student Housing Form. The form asks you about your likes and dislikes, personal habits, study habits, and so on to help us match you with your roommate(s). First-year students may be assigned to doubles, triples or quads.

Q: What if I have a problem with my PIN?

If you are having problems with your PIN please call 1-800-445-6063. They will assist you.

Q: Can I request to live with a friend who was accepted to Connecticut College?

Coming to college is a time for students to foster new relationships and learn as much as possible. Living with someone you already know could hinder you from making these new relationships, therefore it is discouraged. However, each situation will be looked at on an individual basis.

Q: What are the rooms like? What should I bring?

Read "About Your Room" and the "What to Bring." Your room already comes with a bed, dresser or built-in storage, limited closet space, desk and chair. Each room also has a telephone is wired for the Internet. Most students in multiple rooms share closets.

Q: May I decorate my room?

You can certainly create your own "space" so it feels like home. But, please follow these guidelines for safe interior decorating from the College's Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

Q: What kind of computer connections are there?

For your computer, we have a state-of-the-art communications network providing sophisticated phone and data connectivity (wired and wireless) from every student room in residences and many academic buildings on campus.

The network enables you to access many academic resources, such as the automated library system, the courseware server, the CamelWeb intranet, e-mail and the Web from your room whether you own an Apple or a Windows-based computer with Ethernet capability.

High-speed wireless access is available in all student rooms and wireless connections are available in all residence hall common rooms. Wireless routers are not allowed in students' rooms. Here's more wireless information.

If you need to purchase a computer, Connecticut College has partnered with Dell, HP and Apple to offer educational discounts on many models.

Q: Is there a phone in my room?

The College will provide a telephone in your room upon request. Basic service includes on-campus and local calls only. You also have your own phone number and voice mail box. Your phone number will change each year as you move rooms.

Prepaid telephone calling cards may be used to make long-distance calls from your residence hall phone. Prepaid calling cards can be purchased at the college Bookshop and at many off-campus locations. Of course, you may also use your cell phone or computer telephone services, such as Skype, for long distance calls.

Q: How do I get mail and packages sent to me?

Mail and packages should be sent directly to your assigned campus box. You'll receive your campus box number during Orientation. You will keep the same mailbox all four years you are here. Your address will take the form shown below:

Your Name
Connecticut College (Box ####)
270 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320

#### = 4-digit box number

Q: Can I have a pet in my room?

No. . . Life on campus is just not compatible with pet ownership. But feel free to bring your fish in a tank no larger than 10 gallons. Many of your fellow students are allergic to animals and even the most well-cared-for animals carry parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites. Because of the demands on your time as a student, pets would be unattended for long periods of time. That would not be fair to the animals or to your neighbors.

However, if there is a disability-related need for a therapy animal or service animal please refer to the service and therapy animal policy.

Q: Is there storage in the residence halls?

There is no storage for your personal belongings in the residence halls. There is limited storage for items of no value, such as boxes and packing materials. Since this is shared storage, there is no guarantee that there will be space available. Any items stored in these areas are stored at a student's own risk.

Q: Is there a place to store my bicycle?

Bike racks are located in many areas on campus. Some areas are indoor on first floors, others are outside. Please make sure to bring adequate locking devices for your bike. Motorbikes are not permitted in the residence halls.

Campus Safety has a bicycle registration and property identification program, so register your bike when you arrive!

If you don't have a bicycle, look up Spokespeople, the campus bicycle cooperative.

Q: Will I be able to store my belongings over the summer?

Unfortunately, summer storage in any capacity is not permitted in the residence halls. The summer is the ideal time for conferences, maintenance and repairs in our houses and belongings would hinder this process. Local businesses do offer storage. Otherwise, any belongings left in rooms will be discarded. There are local companies that offer short and long-term storage.

The college does however connect students with New England Student Storage Services which will help coordinate your storage.