Intellectual Life in the Residence Halls

At Connecticut College, you'll stretch your mind outside the classroom too.

After class, you'll hold philosophical discussions with your professors, create home-cooked meals and collaborate on creative projects.

Faculty members work closely with students to present informal talks, plan educational programs and host study breaks -- all in the residence halls.

Some recent offerings:

  • Japan's "culture and catastrophe" after the earthquake and tsunami
  • International film series
  • Jeopardy, students vs. faculty
  • Panel discussion on the building of a mosque at Ground Zero
  • Knitting the stress away
  • Discussion of the psychology of Super Bowl ads
  • "Botany of Desire" weekly discussion series: tulips, marijuana, potatoes, apples
  • Talking about "climate change with a skeptic"
  • Dinner at Unity House, the multicultural center