Residence Hall Floor Plans

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Click on the floor number of the corresponding building. Floor plans are accurate to the best of our ability. Spaces may be reassigned at any time by the Office of Residential Education and Living. Floor plans are in pdf format.

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North Campus

View a slide show of north campus residence halls.

North campus is the home of "the Plex," six residence halls all connected to Harris Refectory, the main dining hall. The east side of the Plex is made up of Morrisson, Lambdin and Hamilton. The west side is made up of Wright, Park and Johnson (formerly Marshall). Nearby is the College Center at Crozier-Williams ("Cro"), six tennis courts, and the north parking lot. Lazrus House is located behind Shain Library and Harkness Chapel and offers only single rooms, with a full kitchen located on the ground level.


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Earth House and 360 Mohegan Apartments are also considered part of north campus. These two unique houses, considered "specialty housing," are open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

‌Earth House

1 2 3

360 Apartments

1 2 3

Central Campus

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Central campus is seconds from "Cro" and Shain Library, and only minutes from Harris, the main dining hall. Central campus consists of seven residence halls: Blackstone, Branford, Burdick, Katharine Blunt (KB), Larrabee, Plant and Smith. The Quad is made up of Blackstone, Branford and Plant and is not far from Unity House, the College's multicultural center.


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Katharine Blunt (KB)

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South Campus

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There are five residence halls in south campus: Jane Addams (JA), Freeman, Harkness, Knowlton and Windham. Many academic buildings are also located in south campus, including Bill Hall, Cummings Arts Center, Palmer Auditorium, Fanning Hall and New London Hall. Abbey House, and River Ridge Apartments (considered specialty housing), are located a three-minute walk away, across Route 32.

Jane Addams (JA)

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River Ridge



Abbey House

2 3

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