Common Interest Communities Housing

Common Interest Communities will become a dedicated, valued, and active part of the Connecticut College residential experience. With this in mind, we have created a process that takes into account the shared governance experience of our community, but also provides opportunities for groups to actively thrive around a common cause.

Common Interest Communities:

These communities provide students with the opportunity to live in a space around a common interest. They will apply as a group and must demonstrate how their efforts will contribute to the Connecticut College residential experience. Requirements for Common Interest Communities are as follows:

• Educate community members on topics directly related to the common theme of the group. This could take the form of bulletin boards, flyers, discussion during community meetings, on-line resources shared with community members or other agreed upon means.
• Identify a Faculty or Staff member who agrees to act as adviser to the community and obtain their signature for your group application.
• Host at least one community event for the Connecticut College community per semester. Collaboration with REAL student staff is encouraged.
• Create a Community Development Plan to ensure success of the Common Interest Group.
• Attend a one hour House Leader Orientation during the first two weeks of the Fall semester.  
• Maintain communication with the South Area Coordinator to ensure that the Common Interest Group is progressing through their Community Development Plan.
• Groups must have a minimum of two residents and a maximum of 20 residents.

Possible Common Interest Community themes:

  • Social Justice (Women’s Issues)
  • Student Organization (SCUDs, La Unidad)
  • Club Sports, Centers (PICA, CISLA)
  • Majors (Government, Econ)
  • Healthy Living, Vegetarian Living
  • Charity Cause (Relay for Life)
  • Leadership (Emerging Leaders)
  • Sustainability Issues
  • Water Conservation
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Premed/Pre-Law
  • Gaming (Video, Board)

Living options for Common Interest Housing:

  • 360 House
  • Park Apartment
  • Freeman Tower
  • Winchester 4-Person House
  • Winchester 6-Person House
  • Winchester 4-Person Apartment
  • Winchester 2-Person Apartment
  • River Ridge 5-Person Apartment
  • River Ridge 2-Person Apartment
  • 191 2-Person Apartment
  • Residence Hall Corridor

Applying for Common Interest Housing:

Complete the application: Common Interest Communities Housing Application

Interested in being part of a Common Interest Housing area, but don't have a group yet?  Post your ideas here to share and connect with others: Common Interest Bulletin Posting 
**All answers will be visible to anyone who completes this form**

Faculty/Staff Adviser Forms for Common Interest Communities are also required

All approved Common Interest groups are asked to complete a Community Development Plan 

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