Physical Accessibility

Accessible Buildings (pdf)

Academic Buildings

Students who require classes to be scheduled in accessible locations or have other special classroom needs should inform the Director of Student Accessibility Services as soon as possible (preferably before preregistration for returning students, during the summer for entering students). A need for special classroom needs or accessible classroom locations should also be indicated by the student on the Accessibility Needs Assessment Questionnaire. (See Forms.)

Should the need for a change in classroom location or other accommodation to ensure physical access arise during the school year, the student is responsible for informing the Director of Student Accessibility Services immediately. A student who has not already registered with the Office of Student Accessibility Services must provide appropriate documentation of the disability at that time. Class deans and relevant faculty members should be informed at the same time. We will make every attempt to meet specific needs that arise after classrooms have been assigned, but we will need your cooperation to do so.


Students with a disability who need to park in a space other than that assigned by Campus Safety must have special permission. To obtain a special parking permit, a student must provide medical or other appropriate documentation to the Office of Student Accessibility Services as soon as becoming aware of the need. All students are required to pay a parking fee, but there is not an additional fee for special parking permits. Type of parking permit will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the documented need. See Campus Safety-Motor Vehicle Registration for further information.

Please note: handicapped parking permits must be obtained from the state that the student resides in.

Students who have a temporary impairment, one that is not considered a disability, should contact Student Health Services at 860-439-2275 for special parking permission.

Disability Services Accessible Van

The Office of Student Accessibility Services has an accessible van available to students for transportation to classes in inclement weather, student activities, community services sites when participating in a community service component of a class, and academic course-related field trips. It is important to give as much advance notice as possible when transportation is needed so the van can be reserved and appropriate arrangements can be made. Please see the Student Guidelines for the Student Accessibility Services Accessible Van (See Forms.) for information on what office to contact when transportation is needed.

Contact Information:

Barbara L. McLlarky, Director
On campus x5428, or 860-439-5428
Fax: 860-439-2003
Charles E. Shain Library, 2nd floor, Room 237

Lillian Liebenthal, Student Accessibility Coordinator
On campus x5428, or 860-439-5428
Charles E. Shain Library, 2nd floor, Room 236

Office of Student Accessibility Services
Campus Box 5264
270 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320