Registering With a Disability

To be eligible for services provided by the Office of Student Accessibility Services, including accommodations, a student must:

  • Identify himself or herself to the College as having a disability by submitting a Accessibility Needs Assessment Questionnaire (See Forms.)
  • Provide documentation of the disability and request accommodations that are reasonable and appropriate.

It is important to note that there is a difference in responsibility for the student with a disability when identifying, documenting and requesting services in college as opposed to high school. Please refer to the differences outlined in the High School to College Transition for Students with Disabilities.


Self-Identifying With A Disability

In order to be eligible for appropriate accommodations, students must identify themselves to the College and provide documentation of a disability. A student may register with a disability on a voluntary, confidential basis at any time. Read further for information on Self-Identifying.

Documenting a Disability

Documentation to support a disability should include information regarding the nature of the impairment or condition, the student’s ability to function, as well as any accommodations or modifications considered appropriate. Read further for information on Documenting a Disability.

Disability Confidentiality Statement

All communications and records relating to the identity, diagnosis and prognosis of an impairment as well as consultations with the Office of Student Accessibility Services are confidential. Except for emergency reasons, information is exchanged only as necessary in providing services or with those specific offices and/or individuals for which the student has provided written permission.

As a recipient of federal funding, however, the College may be required to provide the identity and other information about students registered with the Office of Student Accessibility Services to the U.S. Department of Education or other federal government agencies. Such information is accessible from federal agencies by the public under the Freedom of Information Act. In the extremely rare event that such a request is received by the Office of Student Accessibility Services, the office will make every attempt to notify students in advance.

Contact Information:

Barbara L. McLlarky, Director
On campus x5428, or 860-439-5428
Fax: 860-439-2003
Charles E. Shain Library, 2nd floor, Room 237

Lillian Liebenthal, Student Accessibility Coordinator
On campus x5428, or 860-439-5428
Charles E. Shain Library, 2nd floor, Room 236

Office of Student Accessibility Services
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