Media-Related Clubs and Organizations

Cadenza Magazine
Like a cadenza in music, the College’s newest art and literary magazine aims to provide students, faculty and staff with an outlet for expressing their creative talents. They publish at least once every semester and donate a portion of magazine sales to a local charity that promotes literacy and creativity.

The College Voice
The College’s only student-run newspaper, The College Voice recruits a volunteer staff of students each semester to handle all aspects of the weekly publication — reporting, editing, ad sales, management, photography, layout and design. Their purpose is, but is not restricted to, to publish an editorially independent newspaper and engage in other publishing enterprises (i.e. online publication). All publications of The College Voice must uphold journalistic ethics. It serves as the campus watchdog, acts as a community forum for issues of common concern, and informs the campus community of significant issues.

Her Campus
The purpose of the Her Campus organization is to provide an online hub for students by providing content that is both a resource and source of entertainment, highlighting campus events, fashion and lifestyle content tailored for students.

A fashion and lifestyle magazine, with the purpose of showcasing the unique and diverse styles at Conn. A majority of the issues include student style profiles, student's room decor, alumni in the industry, and spotlights on local boutiques and eateries.

Underexposed Magazine
Underexposed is a student-run photography magazine featuring exclusively student work. The layout is simple, allowing for a clean presentation of each photograph. Students submit photos taken in their backyard or across the world using a variety of manual and digital cameras.

WCNI is a non-commercial educational radio station owned and operated by Connecticut College Community Radio (CCCR). The WCNI Radio Club serves College and community interests through locally-produced public affairs programming to educate College and local residents about issues of particular importance in their communities. It broadcasts on 90.9 FM at 2000 watts, and streams live at featuring a variety of musical programming. Their motto is "For the love of music." The club's secondary purpose is to provide a learning environment where Connecticut College students may gain knowledge and experience in aspects of radio broadcasting, radio station operation, and business management. Airtime is shared by a mix of students, community members and faculty.