Performing Arts Clubs and Organizations

Belly Dance Club
A club to connect body, spirit and mind through the medium of belly dancing.

Co Co Beaux
The College's only all-male a cappella group, they perform a mixture of modern pop songs and old classics and travels throughout the Northeast to perform at other colleges, high schools and events.

A co-ed a cappella group that sings, entertains, and has fun. It's that simple.

Conn Chords
A female a cappella group, on campus for well over sixty years, that sings everything from rocking ensemble songs to Imogen Heap to John Mayer to Frank Sinatra to Yes. The group rehearses six hours a week and perform at other colleges, schools, nursing homes, private parties, and school functions.

Dance Club
This student club puts on two fully produced dance concerts each year in Myers Studio. Students play the roles of dancers, choreographers, producers and stagehands.

Dance Team
Dancers interested in jazz and hip-hop have the opportunity to learn and perform dances at athletic and other events and participate in competitions at both the regional and national levels.

This diverse student club organizes a popular spring weekend with dinners, dances and a standing-room-only talent show.

Musicians Organized for Band Rights on Campus (MOBROC)
Want to play in a band? Want to network with other musicians on campus? For a small fee, members can utilize the storage and practice space located in The Barn behind the College Center. MOBROC also hosts shows on and off campus so students can showcase their talents.

The Shwiffs sing the National Anthem at Fenway Park

The Shwiffs, an all-female group, took to the field at Fenway Park to belt out the familiar lyrics of “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the Boston Red Sox game.

N2O Improv Comedy
N2O is the College's only short-form improv comedy group, with typically 8-11 members at any given time. During rehearsals, they practice games and various improv strategies to prepare for shows, typically 2-3 per semester, during which the group performs a variety of games.

A group that focuses on writing, performing and teaching the crafts of poetry, rap and other verbal arts with a special emphasis on the spoken word art form.

The Shwiffs
The College's very first a cappella singing group, this all-female group, established in 1944, has been singing strong ever since. Throughout the school year they perform at numerous events on and off campus.  In the video, they sing the national anthem at Fenway Park in Boston, Mass., before the Boston Red Sox game. 

The Scuds
Scuds is Connecticut College's legendary long-form improv comedy troupe.

Souled Out
Souled Out seeks to employ the artistic talents of members of the Connecticut College community in efforts of arts-based community service, teaching various forms of visual and performing arts to members of the Connecticut College community as well as using arts education to forge connections with those outside of our own immediate community.

Unity Gospel Choir
A student-run organization that strives to promote fellowship through performing and sponsoring gospel music concerts for the College and surrounding communities, their repertoire includes, but is not limited to, traditional and contemporary Gospel music.

Vox Cameli
A co-ed a cappella group that performs at school functions, outside charity events, at other universities and twice a year at their own shows.

Wig and Candle
Wig and Candle is Conn's student run theater group, designed and determined to bring student written, directed, designed, and produced theater to our campus.

Williams Street Mix
The Williams Street Mix is the oldest co-ed a capella group at Connecticut College. We sing a variety of music from classic oldies and rock to pop and ensemble pieces.