Special Interest Clubs and Organizations

Active Minds
Active Minds is the only organization working to utilize the student voice to change the conversation about mental health on college campuses by developing and supporting chapters of student-run mental health awareness, education, and advocacy.

Best Buddies
Best Buddies International is the largest nonprofit organization established to promote friendships and employment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The chapter's goal is to raise awareness on campus and the surrounding New London area.

Coffee Closet
Located near the first-floor entrance of Cummings Arts Center, the Coffee Closet offers a variety of coffee and tea beverages and a smaller, more intimate study space.

Coffee Grounds
A student-run, organic, fair trade coffee shop located across from the College Center on the first floor of KB (Katharine Blunt residence hall) offering baked goods, delicious drinks and fair trade coffee, Coffee Grounds hosts club events, performances and department-sponsored events and displays student art. Weekly events include Tuesday Night Acoustics, Wednesday Jazz and Friday Band Night.

Connecticut College Democrats
A political organization dedicated to raising political awareness of both local and national issues, ranging from health care to local elections to supreme court nominations and just about everything in between. The organization works closely with New London Democrats, involving themselves more with the community so as to play a more active role in improving both the campus and New London.

Connecticut College EMS
Connecticut College Emergency Medical Service seeks to provide expert pre-hospital care to respond quickly and safely to any emergencies that occur on campus. CCEMS currently operates at all club sporting events and in conjunction with campus safety. We also offer an on-campus EMT-Basic class and a number of scholarships from the Elizabeth Durante '10 EMT Scholarship Fund to help subsidize the class fee.

ConnSider (TEDxConnecticutCollege)
Promotes political, cultural and social awareness through talks, colloquia and events, focusing on variety of fields of interest, in order to foster academic dialogue outside the classroom.

Gaming Club
The club is committed to supporting gaming in all its forms and bringing special gaming events to the campus at large, including, but not limited to, video games, board games, paper-and-pencil RPGs and card games. At weekly meetings, they plan open gaming events and prize-driven tournaments.

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity is a student-run organization operated under the OVCS umbrella. Members go on weekly builds in the New London community every Saturday and also organize a Spring Break trip to different areas in the US each year. Trips are funded completely through student fundraising efforts throughout the year such as gingerbread house making and ice skating at the Athletic Center.

Lambdin Game Room
Located on the first Floor of Lambdin. Come play games or just relax.

Outdoors Club
The club's purpose is the pursuit of wilderness activity through group planning and organized outings. Outings emphasize instruction and the improvement of wilderness skills. Special attention is given to the importance of safety during wilderness activity and to the development of a respect for the great outdoors.

Peer Educators Empowering Positive Self (PEEPS)
Peer educators are student leaders dedicated to educating and empowering themselves and their peers to live balanced, healthy lives.

Peggotty Investment Club
This investment club manages a portion of the College endowment through a student-run investment portfolio. Essentially the club members act as investment managers using a portion of the College's endowment as their capital. The club is entirely student run and its members come from diverse backgrounds and various fields of study.

Pre-Health Club
The club provides students who are interested in pursuing a post-graduate health services education with a student support network. They help one another take appropriate actions to become qualified, competent applicants for post-graduate admission to professional schools.

Pre-Med Paramedic Internship Program (PPIP)
This is a one credit course offered by Professor Marylynn Fallon of the biology department. Two hours of class per week in the fall followed by 48 hours of ride time with the paramedics in the spring semester.

This cycling club and bicycle cooperative repairs and rents bicycles and teaches students to do the same.