Medical Leave

To best serve the physical and mental health needs of students, Connecticut College provides health and counseling services. Some students, however, may have medical or psychological conditions so serious that their ability to function as students is severely affected in ways that prohibit their remaining on campus. In such cases, Connecticut College will act to best support the welfare of the individual student and the College community. For students considering a medical leave, please note the following information:

1. You must meet with or contact your Academic Dean to discuss/initiate the Medical Leave process. It is preferable, if you are on campus, to meet with Student Health Services and/or Student Counseling Services as well. Medical Leave will be granted after consultation with the Academic Dean, Dean of Student Life, and the Director of Student Health Services and/or Director of Student Counseling Services.

2. A medical leave does not sever your connection with the College. When a medical situation is resolved, you will be able to return to the College.

3. You will be eligible to pre-register for classes from home at the same time as on-campus students are pre-registering. You will also be able to participate in the housing lottery or to apply for housing along with other returning students. In order to pre-register and participate in the housing lottery, you must signify your intent to return before the end of the spring semester pre-registration period if you are planning to return for fall semester or by the end of the fall pre-registration period if you are planning to return for the spring semester. Note that if you do not signify your intent to return by the required date, you will need to register for classes during the add/delete period after the semester begins. The pre-registration and housing lottery process are intended to ensure that students on medical leave will not be at a disadvantage when they return and are separate from re-entry approval, which must be obtained before re-entry into college.

4. Under ordinary circumstances and after consultation with your academic dean, you will be allowed to take courses elsewhere. With the prior approval of the registrar and upon successful completion of those courses, you will be able to transfer them to Connecticut College.

5. Tuition insurance, for students possessing it, applies to medical leave.

6. When a student is unable to complete the semester for medical reasons and obtains a medical leave, the transcript will show a "W" in lieu of a letter grade for each course attempted that semester.

7. When you are ready to return from Medical Leave, please refer to the Medical Leave Return Letter for instruction. Please note an Exchange of Information Form will need to be signed for each party involved in authorizing clearance for a return to school. In addition, the following information needs to be returned to the Director of Health Services approximately  21  days prior to your anticipated return to college. If paperwork is not received within a sufficient amount of time, re-entry to college may be delayed.

From student: 

From Health Provider(s)

  • Provider(s) name, credentials, address, fax, phone and e-mail address (no relatives will be accepted as providers)
  • Length and type of treatment 
  • Diagnosis
  • Prognosis 
  • Current medications 
  • Recent history of success with employment and/or academics 
  • Ability to participate in college life, including academic, dorm, social activities, etc. 
  • Recommended accommodations 
  • Recommendations regarding continued health treatment

Upon receipt of this written information, the Director of Student Health Services (or designee) will contact the provider for follow-up.  An interview with the student may also be required.  Appropriate information regarding the student’s return will then be forwarded to the appropriate Academic Dean and the Dean of Student Life.

Contact Information

Phone: 860-439-2275
Fax: 860-439-5430


Student Health Services
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