SGA Executive Board

The 2014-2015 SGA executive board is a diverse collection of student leaders who come together at the head of SGA to provide direction and support for students, faculty, staff and administrators.

Ethan Underhill '15, President
Claire von Loesecke '15, Vice President
Sarah Bradford '15, Chief of Communications
Ellis Tonissi '15, Chief of Finance
Kevin Saunders '15, Chair of Academic Affairs
Lamiya Khandaker '17, Chair of Diversity & Equity
Savannah Berger '15, Chair of Honor Council
Sal Bigay '16, Chair of Residential Affairs
Elizabeth Green '15, Chair of Student Activities Council
Lindsay Cook '15, Chair of Sustainability
Sammi Brown '15, Parliamentarian
Juliette Verrengia '16, Presidential Associate

Student Government Association
Box 3447
Connecticut College
270 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320