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The Think S.A.F.E. Project
Darcie Folsom
Director of Sexual Violence Prevention & Advocacy
The Think S.A.F.E. Project

"A GREEN DOT is any behavior, choice, word, or attitude that counters or displaces a red dot of violence – by promoting safety for everyone and communicating utter intolerance for sexual violence, interpersonal violence, and stalking."

The Green Dot violence prevention strategy is gaining momentum at Connecticut College. Green Dot encourages bystanders (everyone will be one at some point) to make a choice and then take action by doing something to prevent violence from happening in our community.

Built on the idea that in order to measurably reduce the instances of power-based personal violence there must be a culture shift, Green Dot capitalizes on peer and cultural influence to encourage change in behaviors from those that sustain violence in our community. Changing culture can seem like a daunting task but it happens all the time.

When students matriculate, they pledge "that my actions will be thoughtful and ethical and that I will do my best to instill a sense of responsibility in those among us who falter." Students are pledging to live the Green Dot already through our very own Honor Code -- the training just gives you the skills to do it.

Want to start adding your Green Dot to our community map? Attend a Green Dot informational session. If you are interested in bringing a Green Dot presentation to your residence hall, student group or classroom, request a presentation here. Already heard the basics of Green Dot and want to learn more? Gather information and sign up for our next 6-hour training by contacting Darcie Folsom at x2219 or email

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The College celebrated “Green Dot Week” Feb. 3-9, 2014, with a series of events and activities designed to raise awarenes about the program. The events were covered by New London's The Day and Fox CT

What Connecticut College Green Dot alumni have to say about the 6-hour program

"Training was an empowering experience, from the bonds of trust built with the people in the room to the inspirational quotes between slide show sections. As far as I'm concerned it could've lasted 20 hours- there was so much to learn."

"Keeping the session in a 6-hour chunk is helpful for the continuity of the training - it allows you to relate things from earlier in the training to new things that come up… As much as it is a big time commitment it is totally worth it."

"The time went by fast… and I feel like the discussion really added to making the material more concrete and understandable. This is a fantastic program, and please do more of them!"

"I thought [the facilitator] broached very challenging information in a way that accepted and acknowledged the seriousness of the subject matter without making it seem like an impossible situation. Her attitude about our ability to affect change, her openness about her own connections, shortcomings, and triumphs, and her clear willingness to help us as we make our way through this was inspiring and empowering."

"[The facilitator] keeps things fun, relevant, and engaging. She makes you believe that you can make a difference and presents the material in a clear and accessible manner."

No one has to do everything...
Everyone has to do something!
What's your GREEN DOT?


Green Dot Week 2014