Why fellowships?

Because they're paid opportunities to focus on your professional development, usually supported by organizations eager to promote leaders in their field.

Fellows spend anywhere from a few months to a few years on a range of field-specific activities, including conducting research or graduate studies, receiving rigorous academic and professional training, developing community initiatives and more.

And while fellowships have traditionally been granted to graduate and postgraduate students, Connecticut College also encourages its undergraduate students to pursue them in order to gain the professional experience and leadership skills that will make you highly valuable in the job market.

With a well-rounded liberal arts education and the other experiences you gain at the College, you'll be in a prime position to compete for prestigious scholarships and fellowships.

Our fellowship expert, Deb Dreher, has years of experience helping Connecticut College students and alumni find and obtain prized fellowships.

Postgraduate fellowships and scholarships

Postgraduate fellowships and scholarships can provide life-changing opportunities for Connecticut College students and alumni, so the College has bolstered support for them as they seek high-profile national fellowships and scholarships.

Explore undergraduate scholarships

For information on undergraduate grants and scholarships for prospective and current students, visit the College's financial aid "Outside Scholarships" section.