The Career Enhancing Life Skills program offers many opportunities and resources for students who want to get a head start on their careers, and among those offerings are workshops that will help you assess your skills and learn how to harness them for long-term professional success. They've developed these workshops to be easily manageable for busy students, so participating in them won't interfere with your studies or extracurricular activities; rather, what you learn will help you succeed in those areas too. CELS workshops are proven to be effective. Those who complete the workshops have twice the placement rate at graduation compared with those who didn't take advantage of the opportunity. 

Seven short workshops can secure a College-funded internship

The CELS workshops are mandatory if you hope to receive a College-funded internship. There are just seven workshops in total to complete and, if you complete the first six by the end of your sophomore year, you are guaranteed an internship funded by the College during the summer after your junior year. This funding allows you to customize your internship to fit your goals.

With two exceptions, the workshops can be completed at any time and in any order:

  1. "Interests to Engagement" — Held during Orientation, this workshop helps you identify your skills and interests and learn how to develop them through co-curricular activities
  2. "Personality Type and Temperament" — Recognizes your unique disposition and how it can help you succeed in your chosen field
  3. "Skills to Resumé" — Helps you identify your skill sets and accomplishments, then articulate them in resumé form
  4. "Professional Communication" — Includes cover letters, thank-you notes and how to ask for letters of recommendation
  5. "Create and Find Your Internship" — Provides search and networking strategies for finding an internship
  6. "Interview Tips and Techniques" — Offers practical advice and a chance to practice what you've learned
  7. "How to Make the Most of Your Internship" — Completed in your junior year, this workshop covers business etiquette, strategies to initiate and be recognized for your contributions, and communication skills

You will learn:

  • The invaluable process of career-related self-assessment
  • How to use the College's ePortfolio to build your resumé
  • How to find contacts and develop your network
  • How to create effective, targeted resumés and correspondence
  • Tips for presenting yourself in interviews
  • Ways to apply experiential learning to your career goals