What if you could spend the summer after your junior year in a dream internship — and get funding from Connecticut College to be there? In summer 2014, 340 rising seniors — three-quarters of the Class of 2015 — did just that. And when we say dream internship, Connecticut College students dream big. Swimming with dolphins? Been there. Working at Google and MTV? Done that. Conducting biomedical research at a top hospital? Check! If you can dream it, our Career Enhancing Life Skills (CELS) advisers can help you get there. Check out some recent internships.

This educational award opens doors

Connecticut College is one of only four colleges in the country that offers all students a funded internship, and it has awarded more than 3,000 of them in 15 years.

Liberal arts students tend to have diverse interests, something we encourage at Connecticut College. But that well-roundedness doesn’t always align with rigid qualifications for traditional internship programs. For that reason, CELS advisers encourage students to think beyond advertised internships and pitch their ideas directly to a company or nonprofit. 

The College funding is key to making the pitch to companies and organizations. Many smaller companies, nonprofits and government agencies don’t have the resources to pay interns, and sometimes larger companies only have funding for narrowly defined opportunities. Because the College pays this educational award, you are more likely to land the internship you want most.

A comprehensive career program with long-term impact

Our funded internship is part of a four-year career preparation program called CELS that helps you connect a liberal arts degree to professional opportunities and graduate study. This holistic approach guarantees that your internship experience will have long-lasting value for your academic experience, career and life. In a survey of alumni who participated in the program in the past five years, nine out of 10 said that their College-funded internship helped them find their first job or prepare for graduate or professional school.