The value of a liberal arts education is that it is interdisciplinary in nature, encouraging and allowing for exploration and breadth of opportunity. However, you may experience anxiety over not knowing exactly what you want to major in and what you want to do after graduation. Additionally, as college costs skyrocket, there may be pressure to determine what you will major in and what career path you will put yourself on. Being ‘undecided’ may feel unsettling.

Connecticut College offers many majors and academic areas of study, some more directly linked to career than others (premed/research, computer science, economics, etc.). The goal of any liberal arts institution is to not only provide you an intellectual experience, but also other opportunities for engagement and learning. Through the Office of Career and Professional Development, career advisers help you connect what you are learning both in the classroom and out of the classroom by identifying ‘transferrable’ skills as the bridge between college and the world of work. Your academic major may or may not directly dictate your career choice and that’s ok! We have many resources that can help you assess, explore, and make the connections as you move through your four years at Connecticut College.