Not only does Connecticut College provide you with a superior liberal arts education that will give you the tools to succeed in any profession you choose, we also offer advising programs that will help you take the next step on the path to careers in medicine/public and allied health, law, and business.

Medical school

The medical profession can encompass traditional medicine, veterinary medicine, physician assistant programs and more. Medical schools look for a high level of scholastic achievement, intellectual potential and superior personal attributes. The framework is here for you get experience in health care settings, talk with health professionals, read literature, perform community service and do research with faculty. See the Premed and Pre-Health Professions page, and the comprehensive Connecticut College Health Professions Handbook.

Law school

Law schools desire the qualities that you will develop and exercise in your studies, social life and service to others, all derived from a rigorous liberal arts curriculum. See the Pre-Law Advising page.

Business school/MBA

Business schools look for leadership skills. Connecticut College's commitment to shared governance, as well as the vast array of student-led campus initiatives and organizations, offer numerous opportunities for you to develop them. See the Pre-Business, MBA Advising page.