Our graduates are well prepared for career and life

At Connecticut College, you develop the skills you need for success after graduation. Our rigorous liberal arts education and our four-year, award-winning career program ensure you're well-prepared for life and all that it brings.

We help you hone the critical thinking skills that enable you to approach every situation with clarity and apply your wide range of experiences to problem solving. You'll be invaluable in any profession you choose and ready for the best professional and graduate schools.

This approach gets results. A full 97 percent of graduates from the Class of 2013 (the most recent data available) are either employed or in graduate school one year after graduation. But what does that mean for you?

Dig into the data

Each year, we survey alumni one year after they've graduated  and scour LinkedIn and other sources  to find out what our most recent graduates are up to. We’ve uploaded the results from the past three years and organized the information in some ways that we find interesting, but that’s only the beginning. Every chart on this page is interactive, so go ahead: click, filter, sort and drill down into the data. Find out what graduates who pursued an area of study that you are considering were doing just one year after graduation. Explore differences by class year, location and more.

Global citizens

Connecticut College prepares students to be citizens in a global society through academics, hands-on international study, and internships and research opportunities. This preparation paid off for internationally-minded alumni in 2013, with graduates studying and working in 19 countries and on five continents. Those who have remained in the U.S. are living in 31 different states. Where would you like to live and work after graduation?

Data from one-year-out.silk.co