Unity-Affiliated Student Organizations

Connecticut College Asian/Asian American Student Association (CCASA)

The Connecticut College Asian/Asian American Student Association promotes the learning and understanding of Asian/Asian American culture. CCASA is responsible for the programming of traditional events like Fusion-Diwali Dinner, Sushi Nite and Asian Pacific American Heritage month. CCASA also provides a supportive environment for students of Asian/Asian American descent.

Connecticut College Camel Backs

This group is dedicated to promoting the art of stepping. They perform at various venues throughout the academic year.


This organization is dedicated to organizing the annual Eclipse performance featuring a multicultural cast of performers.

Gospel Choir

The Connecticut College Unity Gospel Choir is a student-run organization that strives to promote fellowship through performing and sponsoring gospel music concerts for the College and surrounding communities. Our repertoire includes but is not limited to traditional and contemporary gospel music.

La Unidad

La Unidad is the Connecticut College organization dedicated to promoting awareness of issues most pertinent to Latinos on campus and in the United States today. Originally known as La Unidad Latina, the organization still maintains the same vision as it was originally founded under, though having widened a lot in its scope. We address various types of issues ranging from the political to the cultural, and anything in between that seems to affect Latinos today.


M.E.Ch.A stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, and is a nationally recognized Mexican American student organization. The purpose of the group is to promote and represent the history, culture, and issues of concern of Mexican Americans in the U.S. and on the Connecticut College campus.

Society Organized Against Racism (SOAR)

The Connecticut College chapter of Society Organized Against Racism (S.O.A.R.) provides a healthy atmosphere for the discussion, involvement, and action in the area of racism, prejudice, discrimination, and culturism within and beyond the Connecticut College Community. Part of our major programming year is our annual SOARFest that incorporates the surrounding areas of New London and Connecticut College in a day of cultural performance, displays, arts and crafts and more. S.O.A.R.'s initiative is to provide people with consciousness programming that will hopefully lead to a common community with all. "Together we stand, divided we fall." S.O.A.R. is for all students, faculty, and friends.


Umoja, meaning Unity in Swahili, is the African/ African-American students' organization that serves as a support group for students of African descent and those interested in multicultural issues. Umoja is involved with the programming of events such as the Kwanzaa dinner, Black Solidarity Day and the month-long events during Black History Month. Umoja provides interested students with the opportunity to engage and speak about political and social issues facing the black community as well as be an active member of the College campus and the surrounding New London community.

Contact information:
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