Unity House Programs


Genesis is a pre-Orientation program for underrepresented students, including students of color and first-generation college students. The program is also open to any student with a strong commitment to advancing diversity and acting as an ally to underrepresened students at Connecticut College.

Attending a series of workshops, students are introduced to the academic and social support professionals on campus who represent the various offices and departments they should familiarize themselves with, including the Deans of Studies, Student Life, Multicultural Affairs and Financial Aid Services. A Cross-Cultural Understanding workshop explores how racial/ethnic diversity both challenges and enriches the experiences of African American, Latino/a, Asian American, Arab American, and Native American students on a predominantly white campus. Additional events throughout the day provide opportunities for students to create a sense of communal bonding among their peers and older students who will be serving as peer mentors via the ALANA Big Sisters/Brothers Program. By the end of the day, students will have begun to develop supportive relationships with peers and staff that will last throughout their freshman year and beyond. The program is not mandatory but is highly recommended.

ALANA Program

ALANA (African American, Latino/a, Asian American and Native American) Sisters and Brothers (ASBs) are peer mentors who are selected and trained to assist first-year students adjust to, and successfully function within, Connecticut College. This adjustment process may result from the ASB's work in helping new students become oriented to the College, involved in student organizations and aware of campus resources. ALANA Sisters/Brothers are role models, resource persons and helpers. ALANA Sisters & Brothers Coordinators assist the Unity House director and staff by helping to organize, motivate, and support all ASB's.

CONN-ection Dinners

At the beginning of the fall semester, we sponsor a dinner for each of the classes and invite deans, the Office of Career Enhancing Life Skills (CELS), the career services office,and other relevant administrators to meet the students. During these informal dinners, each class is reminded of the academic milestones they should be aware of for their particular class year. They are also informed about relevant resources and programs such as study-away information, the funded internship program and graduate and professional school application deadlines and processes.

R.I.S.E (Rising Into the Sophomore Experience)

"Rising Into the Sophomore Experience" is designed to provide support and guidance to students during their sophomore year as they continue their transition process and are faced with making more permanent decisions, such as: choosing a major, applying to study abroad, whether to apply to a Center certificate program. A Unity House mentor will advise, guide and motivate you, help you set academic and personal goals and devise action steps to achieve them. RISE also offers workshops relevant to sophomore needs, and presents opportunities for leadership development through attendance at conferences and events on and off-campus.


The Exodus program is designed to provide support for underrepresented juniors and seniors in their transition to the "real world" after graduation. You'll receive guidance in creating a personal excellence plan to develop goals and an action plan to get on the right track for ultimate success after graduation. A Unity House mentor will give you one-on-one consultation on academic planning, leadership development, career or graduate school planning, and applying for jobs, internships and career preparation. Specific seminars, workshops, job fairs and programs/conferences of particular interest to graduating seniors are offered as well.

S.H.E Sisters Program

S.H.E. stands for Share, Hear and Empower. It is a program that gives the women of color on the Connecticut College campus a place to address important women's issues. S.H.E. gives women of color an opportunity to SHARE their thoughts and feelings, gives them the chance to HEAR their voice and voices of other women, and most importantly, to EMPOWER themselves to see their own strength and beauty within.

M.O.C.A. (Men of Color Alliance)

M.O.C.A. is an acronym that stands for Men of Color Alliance. It is a program dedicated to providing leadership, social, and academic support to the male students of color on the campus of Connecticut College.

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