There are elections that decide who will exercise power for a generation, not merely for a term. These are the contests in which the candidates, the parties and the policies present the electorate with new credentials, new platforms and new options in their lives. These are the campaigns that most dramatically require the critical thinking that drives the liberal arts, with its commitment to asking questions and posing challenges, its drive to realize human potential and determination to celebrate the human spirit. Is 2016 one of these elections? Your judgment only counts if you vote.

The 2016 presidential campaign has been particularly controversial, and topics raised in this election have led to difficult conversations at Conn and on campuses across the country. This is a moment for our community to demonstrate its espoused values. Each of us plays a role in creating spaces where we can freely express our views and listen to those of others. Please remember that our Honor Code serves as the foundation for how we engage with each other. It encourages us to take responsibility for our beliefs and to act with integrity, civility and respect for each other. These are critically important expectations that we set for ourselves, and in the weeks to come we have an opportunity to show these principles in action.  

We hope to see you at the election events planned over the course of the next several weeks. 

My Hope. My Vote.