George J. Willauer

Professor Emeritus of English
Charles J. MacCurdy Professor Emeritus of American Studies
Former College Marshal

Joined Connecticut College: 1962-2002

B.A., Wesleyan University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania


American literature and literary figures, 1890-present

William Faulkner

Emily Dickinson

Robert Frost

Society of Friends

Professor Willauer's expertise lies in American literature, and he regularly taught introductory courses in literary analysis and composition; intermediate survey courses in British literature, American literature and literature of the sea.

He taught a two-course sequence on American literature from 1890-present and a course on "Faulkner and the Southern Tradition." He also led an advanced seminar on "The Poetry of Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost" and an interdisciplinary course on nature writing including prose, prose fiction, poetry and painting.

Willauer's study of Celia Thaxter (1835-1894), poet, painter and center of an artist's colony on an island off the coast of New Hampshire, earned him a visiting faculty fellowship from Yale University, where he was previously a Mellon Visiting Faculty Fellow. He was also a visiting lecturer at Westminster College in Oxford, England; Williams College American Maritime Studies Program; University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Amsterdam University, and Leiden University, Holland, the latter two under the auspices of the United States Information Agency (USIA).

His collection of essays by various historians titled A Lyme Miscellany (1977) commemorated the bicentennial of Lyme, Connecticut. He has written extensively about literary figures in American literature and personalities who contributed to the Quaker heritage. His articles and reviews have appeared in Quaker HistoryThe American Quarterly and The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography.

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