Ariella R. Rotramel

Vandana Shiva Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies

Joined Connecticut College: 2012

B.A., University of Illinois at Chicago
Ph.D., Rutgers University


Gender and women's studies

Queer and sexuality studies

Social movements

Ethnic studies

Women's leadership

Gender and work

Rotramel's research and teaching agenda reflect her interdisciplinary training and commitment to bridging theoretical and practical engagements of identity and social justice issues. Professor Rotramel has taught Feminist Approaches to Disability Studies, Transnational Women's Movements and Public Policy and Social Ethics, Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies, Introduction to Queer Studies and Feminist Theory. 

Her book project, "Pushing Back: Transnational Women of Color Leadership," is an intensive study of two transnational communities of color organizations in New York City which demonstrates that campaigns against injustices stemming from domestic work, housing and the environment are most effective when women of color activists rely on a wide range of political approaches. The findings demonstrate the importance of utilizing a multi-method intersectional approach to research within and across communities. The study uncovers activists' utilization of nuanced forms of identity politics to build their organizations and broader alliances.

Rotramel is also conducting a research project in collaboration with her colleague, Dr. Ana Campos-Holland, assistant professor of sociology at Connecticut College. They are exploring the continued prevalence of United States anti-LGTQ hate crimes during a period of diminishing overt governmental gender and sexual identity-based discrimination. "Estimating Anti-LGBTQ Hate: Fifteen Years of (Gendered) Sexual Orientation Based Hate Crime Reporting in the United States" situates statistical analyses of hate crime data within a socio-political context that includes LGBTQ advocates' range of perspectives on hate crime laws and the criminal justice system.

Recent publications and presentations by Ariella Rotramel:

  • " 'We make the spring rolls, they make their own rules': Filipina Domestic Workers' Fight for Labor Rights in New York City and Los Angeles," AAPI Nexus: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Policy, Practice, and Community Journal 10.2, Fall 2012
  • "Overlapping Issues, Cross-cutting Communities: Taking Action in Contemporary New York City," Solidarity and Social Justice: Recasting Histories of Sex, Class, and Race in America conference, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, October 2013
  • "Making Community Claims: Environmental Racism and Cross-Gender Motherwork in the South Bronx," Open Ref. Roundtable, American Sociological Association, New York, NY, August 2013
  • "Building Movements: Housing Justice in New York City Communities of Color," Society for the Study of Social Problems, New York, NY, August 2013
  • "Addressing Gaps in the Defense of Women Human Rights Defenders: A Strategic Conversation" Report, co-authored with Ria Das Gupta. Center for Women's Global Leadership, Summer 2011

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