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Denis Ferhatovic, William Meredith Assistant Professor of English

William Meredith Assistant Professor of English

Joined Connecticut College: 2012

B.A., English (with Distinction) and French, University of Virginia
M.A., M.Phil. (English), M.Phil. (Medieval Studies), Ph.D. (English), Yale University

Medieval literature, esp. Old and Middle English poetry
Word and image
Postcolonial theory

Before coming to Connecticut College, Ferhatovic spent two years at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey, first as a Visiting Assistant Professor, then as an Assistant Professor, teaching two core-humanities classes (Sin-liqe-Unninni to Plato, and Machiavelli to Aitmatov). In Spring 2012, he also taught an elective seminar on medieval Germanic epic and saga.

Future Classes

Runes, Riddles, and Dragons: Adventures in Old English

Classes Taught

Arthurian Legend (senior seminar) 
Love and Sex in the Middle Ages
The Canterbury Tales
Nomads, Shamans, and Mystics: Imagining Central Asia
Visual and Literary Worlds of Medieval England
Essentials of Literary Study (theme: Translations and Transformations)


" 'Life's Interpreter' for the New Millennium: On Three Poetic Translations of the Old English Exodus." Forum for Modern Language Studies 50.3 (2014): 233-46.

"Spolia-Inflected Poetics of the Old English Andreas." Studies in Philology 110.2 (2013): 199-219.

A review of Lisa Lampert-Weissig’s Medieval Literature and Postcolonial Studies. English Studies 94.2 (2013): 237-38.

"Burh & Beam Burning Bright: A Study in the Poetic Imagination of the Old English Exodus."  Neophilologus 94.3 (2010): 509-22.

Ferhatovic has given talks in the United States as well as in England, France, Germany, Ireland, Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey.

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