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Denis Ferhatovic, William Meredith Assistant Professor of English

William Meredith Assistant Professor of English

Joined Connecticut College: 2012

B.A., English (with Distinction) and French, University of Virginia
M.A., M.Phil. (English), M.Phil. (Medieval Studies), Ph.D. (English), Yale University

• Medieval literature, esp. Old and Middle English poetry • Word and image • Postcolonial theory • Translation

Before coming to Connecticut College, Ferhatovic spent two years at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey, first as a visiting Aassistant professor, then as an assistant professor, teaching two core-humanities classes (Sin-liqe-Unninni to Plato, and Machiavelli to Aitmatov). In Spring 2012, he taught an elective seminar on medieval Germanic epic and saga.

Future Classes

Runes, Riddles, and Dragons: Adventures in Old English

Classes Taught

Arthurian Legend (senior seminar) 
Love and Sex in the Middle Ages
The Canterbury Tales
Nomads, Shamans, and Mystics: Imagining Central Asia
Visual and Literary Worlds of Medieval England
Essentials of Literary Study (theme: Translations and Transformations)


" 'Life's Interpreter' for the New Millennium: On Three Poetic Translations of the Old English Exodus." Forum for Modern Language Studies 50.3 (2014): 233-46.

"Spolia-Inflected Poetics of the Old English Andreas." Studies in Philology 110.2 (2013): 199-219.

A review of Lisa Lampert-Weissig’s Medieval Literature and Postcolonial Studies. English Studies 94.2 (2013): 237-38.

"Burh & Beam Burning Bright: A Study in the Poetic Imagination of the Old English Exodus."  Neophilologus 94.3 (2010): 509-22.

Ferhatovic has given talks in the United States as well as in England, France, Germany, Ireland, Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey.

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