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Gregory A. Bailey, Associate Professor of Art, Art Department Chair 2014-2015

Associate Professor of Art
Art Department Chair 2014-2015

Joined Connecticut College: 2002

B.A., Sonoma State University
M.F.A., University of Hartford, 1998

• Sculpture • Mold making and casting • Ceramic shell foundry process • Welding and fabrication • Wood construction • Installation art • Conceptual art

As an artist, Greg Bailey makes work that functions for him as his most direct and honest response possible to the world around him. Bailey’s use of metaphor relates his work both personally and universally. He uses a range of technical, conceptual, and expressive aspects in his work. His work combines narratives and contemporary theory; it engages in political, social and cultural awareness and commentary, utilizing elements of wit, humor, irony, and visual aesthetic.

A unifying theme in Greg’s work seems to be the interconnectedness of the environment and the self. His work utilizes a variety of materials and imagery and he continues to expand his repertoire in his recent work with installation, where he transforms the environment of galleries.

In his teaching, Greg balances between the pragmatic use of materials and technical sculptural processes, while fostering his students’ conceptual and expressive development. He combines contemporary critical issues with that of current art and art practices. With his background in sculpture, Bailey has a variety of technical experiences in many different media. He continues to learn with his students and is constantly discovering new aspects of sculpture. His curiosity and energy is contagious and that spreads from his own work through his classrooms.

Greg teaches ART 102, Foundations: Concepts in Three Dimensions; ART 226, Sculpture Workshop: Construction and Installation; ART 225, Sculpture Workshop: Mold Making and Casting; ART 234, Sculpture Workshop: Beyond the Object.

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"Greg is one of the most skillful fabricators I have met; he is one of those rare artists who can see the idea in his head and then figure out exactly how to realize it in physical form. Greg's work consistently utilizes a wide range of materials and processes-all flawlessly executed-to successfully present his content in thoughtful and provoking ways." - Joseph Byrne, Associate Professor of Fine Arts at Trinity College.

Majoring in Art.