Mark Mullane

Mark Mullane, Visiting Assistant Professor of History

Visiting Assistant Professor of History
Joined Connecticut College: 2009

Ph.D., Boston College; B.A., Connecticut College

Anglo-Saxon England and medieval Scandinavia
Old Norse-Icelandic and Old English literature
The Anglo-Scandinavian aristocracy
Nineteenth- and twentieth-century medievalisms

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Mark Mullane joined the Connecticut College faculty in 2009 as a visiting assistant professor of history.

He received his Ph.D. in Medieval History from Boston College. His dissertation was titled "The Function of 'Things Said' in Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica and Its Anglo-Norman Rewritings."

Mullane graduated from Connecticut College in 1998 with a degree in Medieval Studies. He also studied at the Intensive Icelandic Language Program at the Sigurôur Nordal Institute in Reykjavík, Iceland.

The courses he teaches at Connecticut College include: Sagas, Skalds and Scops: Northern Heroic Literature; HS 107 From Late Antiquity to Postmodernity: A Cultural History of Europe; HS 208 The Vikings: Hammer of the Gods?; HS 232 The High Middle Ages (co-taught with Fred Paxton); HS 234 Trans-Atlantic Modernities; and HS 449 J.R.R. Tolkien: Philologist, Medievalist, Catholic Humanist.

His publications include "The Eleventh-Century Milieu for an Episode in a Thirteenth-Century Fornaldarsaga: Contextualizing the So-Called Sigmund Relief," Viator 43.1. In press. (2012)

He is a member of the Charles Homer Haskins Society and the Medieval Academy of America.

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