Michael Seifert

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Assistant Professor of Physics

Joined Connecticut College: 2014

• General relativity • Particle physics • Classical field theory • Lorentz symmetry

Michael Seifert joined the Connecticut College faculty in 2014 as Assistant Professor of Physics.


Professor Seifert’s research deals with Lorentz symmetry, the symmetry between space and time first discovered by Einstein in his theory of special relativity.  This symmetry has several interesting consequences, among them the existence of a cosmic “speed limit” and the equivalence between mass and energy described by the famous equation E = mc².  Since its discovery, Lorentz symmetry has been successfully tested in many different areas of physics.  However, it is unknown whether Lorentz symmetry is an exact symmetry of nature, or whether future, more sensitive experiments might find small violations of this symmetry.  In his research, Prof. Seifert investigates how we could model violations of Lorentz symmetry in a mathematically self-consistent way, and explores the observational consequences of these models.

In addition to his research on Lorentz symmetry, Prof. Seifert is also interested in the physics of music and sound, as well as the interface between physics and philosophy.

He teaches PHY 301 Classical Mechanics,  PHY 324 Electromagnetic Theory, and PHY 107/8, General Physics (Lab).

Seifert is a member of the American Physical Society, the Topical Group on Gravity and Anacapa Society.

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